Insurance Quote Jewellery

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Insurance Quote Jewellery

Insurance Quote Jewellery

Do you need insurance for your Jewellery? With jewelry insurance, you can protect the cost of repairing or replacing your things. Most policies save you against accidental loss, theft, damage, and disappearance, even during global travel. If you want an insurance quote for your Jewellery, continue reading to learn how to insure your jewelry and the types of coverages available.

Is jewelry insurance worth it?

Jewelry insurance can be worth it for the particular service and coverage you get. It costs only a small and you don’t need to worry about your overall homeowner’s insurance rate increasing if you make a claim. Plus, Lavalier gives customized coverage and rates, and you can go to your jeweler for repairs or replacement.

Types of jewelry that are covered

Many types of jewelry can be covered by jewelry insurance. This includes:

  • Engagement and wedding rings
  • Earrings
  • Heirloom Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Loose stones while being set

Things that are not covered by the jewelry policy?

Some things can’t be covered by a jewelry insurance policy. In general, things that are not covered are:

  •  Wear and tear: Scratches are expected and won’t be covered.
  •  War and authority: loss or damage due to war, military action, nuclear hazard, or confiscation by civil authority isn’t covered.
  •  Intentional actions: If you sell your earrings and the check bounces, that’s also not included.
  •  Pests: If rodents or insects nibble on your heirloom jewelry, that’s not covered.
  •  Collections such as art, guns, and coins
  •  Non-jewelry items such as dog jewelry tiaras and air pods.

Ways for protecting your jewelry:

  •  Make sure it is insured for the best cost
  •  Have the item appraised
  •  Keep a copy of the store receipt
  • Take a picture of the item
  •  Keep your jewelry in a safe place such as a safe deposit box
  • Bring the jewels you are going to wear when traveling
  •  Never leave jewelry in your bags while being transported by an airline, cruise line, or other public transportation
  •  Have your jewelry inspected regularly

How to obtain a jewelry quote?

The process is simple if you require a quotation. They will offer you complete policy documentation including the items insured and a full description of the items covered. You will receive an email within a few minutes of the cover being affected. You can also get quotes online or call the office.

Get your free jewelry insurance quote today.


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