NMMU Student Information

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NMMU Student Information

NMMU Student Information

Nelson Mandela University provides a collection of student information resources which are designed to help students stay informed and organized, this may include; accessing course materials, registering for classes, or tracking academic progress. Additionally, the university also provides comprehensive information on academic policies and procedures, as well as support services to help students navigate the challenges of university life.

Nelson Mandela University provides a variety of tools to assist students to make educated decisions and get the most out of their university experience, from the academic calendar to the student handbook. The university’s focus on encouraging student achievement and well-being is reflected in its commitment to providing accessible and comprehensive student information.

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NMMU has various ways of providing information to students, among them may include;

  • Academic Calendar: The academic calendar lists essential dates and deadlines for the academic year, such as semester start and finish dates, examination periods, and registration dates.
  • Course Catalogue: The course catalogue includes course descriptions, requirements, and credit value for all courses offered at Nelson Mandela University.
  • Student Portal: The student portal provides just one for all student-related information.
    The portal allows students to check their student achievements, access course materials, register for courses, and pay tuition.
  • Student Handbook: The student handbook provides a detailed guide to the university’s regulations and procedures.
  • Career Services: Nelson Mandela University provides a variety of career services to help students move from education to the workplace.
    These services include career counselling, job search support, and internship possibilities.
  • Student Support Services: Nelson Mandela University offers a number of student support programs to assist students in achieving academic and personal success. Academic advice, tutoring, counselling, and health assistance are among the services provided.

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How to access the student portal off-campus

  • Go to: https://students.mandela.ac.za
  • Username: mandela\s123456789
  • Password: network password that you set yourself or that was given to you. Your password will expire after 60 Days. Please change it when it expires.

How to access the SharePoint sites off-campus

  • Log into the student portal as above and select your module from the My Modules tab.

How to access eduroam WiFi

  • Username: s123456789@mandela.ac.za
  • Password: network password that you set yourself or that was given to you.
  • If you have problems, try this…

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