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UFH Email

UFH Email

This service provides individual and group email services and includes spam and virus filtering.  The service is available for all staff and students.
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This service includes:

  • The automatic creation of mailboxes for all users on the UFH domain
  • The setup of Outlook Mailboxes for staff on their desktop and\or mobile devices
  • The provision of Webmail Mailboxes for students and staff
  • Quota allocations for students and staff
  • The creation of mailing lists for academic and administrative purposes

This service provides all staff and students with Internet access and includes web filtering consistent with the University’s security policy.
This service includes:

  • Access to the internet from all three campuses
  • Troubleshooting by Service Desk Analysts for staff and students for issues related to web browsing and proxy configurations
  • Tracking of internet usage
  • A process for users to apply for exceptions to web filtering content
  • Monitoring and managing bandwidth
  • Managing and maintaining all infrastructure necessary to deliver the service

This service provides staff, students and groups with secure storage space for electronic data
This service includes:

  • Provisioning of individual and group file storage with applicable quotas
  • A process for creating group file storage and sharing by request
  • A process of safely archiving all the University’s intellectual property
  • Server based virus scanning
  • Capacity and usage monitoring


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