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Box Truck Insurance Quote

Box Truck Insurance Quote; Geico Box Truck Insurance

Box truck insurance is customizable commercial auto coverage for box truck drivers and their businesses. Box trucks are available in multiple sizes and are lightweight. If you operate box trucks for a living, you are aware of just how important it is to have enough insurance to cover your assets and duties. Box trucks are adaptable automobiles used for delivery, freight transportation, and other business uses.

But there are risks associated with using them frequently on the road. Getting the appropriate box truck insurance is essential to protecting your company from unanticipated losses. Let’s analyze a few aspects that impact box truck insurance costs and provide you with an estimate of the cost of coverage.

What Is meant by Box Truck Insurance?

Commercial auto insurance called box truck insurance is intended for companies whose operations involve the usage of straight trucks or box trucks. There are several concerns that box truck drivers must deal with when operating short-haul commercial trucks. You can safeguard both your company and its truck drivers both on and off the road with box truck insurance. If you or one of your staff members is involved in an accident while operating your company’s box truck, this kind of business insurance can assist in paying claims for property damage or physical injury.

Which Types of Businesses Require Insurance for Box Trucks?

It is mandatory for every firm that uses box trucks to have commercial truck insurance. Retail businesses, wholesalers and distributors, and courier and delivery services are examples of typical industries.

An increasing number of firms are offering delivery services due to the growth of eCommerce and online shopping, which may necessitate the need for box truck insurance. For deliveries to be successful, these businesses—which include bakers and florists—need box trucks. The most popular varieties of straight trucks include reefer, slumbering, moving, tilt cab, ice box, and cargo cutaway.

Geico Box Truck Insurance

Types Of CoverageFor Box Truck Operators

  • Liability insurance coverage to assist in paying claims for bodily harm and property damage if you or any of your employees are involved in an accident while utilizing a corporate box truck for work-related activities.
  • The physical damage coverage known as collision coverage helps cover the cost of replacing or repairing your company’s box truck if it collides with an object, such as a car or a pole.
  • Comprehensive Coverage to assist in defraying the expense of material losses brought on by fire, theft, or natural catastrophes.
  • In the event of an accident, your employees and their passengers’ medical expenditures may be partially covered by medical payments coverage. These expenses cover those for dental care, funeral ceremonies, hospitalizations, and recovery.
  • Uninsured/underinsured Motorist Coverage: This insurance helps pay for medical bills for you or your workers or auto repair costs if you are involved in an accident with a motorist who is underinsured or whose liability coverage is insufficient.

Box Truck Insurance Cost Per Month

Here are some average prices that you can expect to pay for box truck insurance:

Commercial insurance for box truck………………. $416.66
General liability policy………………………………….. $25
Cargo insurance…………………………………………… $145.83
Physical damage coverage…………………………….. $191.66
Workers’ compensation………………………………… $250

Factors Affecting Insurance Quotes for Box Trucks

The following criteria may affect box truck insurance quotes:

Driving History:

The box truck drivers’ driving history has a big impact on insurance costs.

Cargo Type:

Insurance prices are affected by the type of cargo being transported; hazardous commodities are usually subject to higher premiums.

Coverage Restrictions:

Generally speaking, rates go up with higher coverage limits.


Operating in locations prone to extreme weather, high rates of crime, or traffic congestion may result in increased insurance prices.

Claims History:

Because insurers consider firms with a higher potential of filing a claim to be riskier to cover, a history of claims may result in higher premiums.

How To Get Cheap Insurance For Box Trucks?

It is expensive to get box truck insurance no matter where you look. Since there are strategies for saving money to safeguard your assets.

  • When driving, always keep a spotless record if you’re doing it yourself. Additionally, make sure your drivers have spotless records at all times.
  • Make using driving logs mandatory.
  • Enroll in safe driving courses to receive alerts and monitoring. Safe driving lowers insurance costs.
  • Offer safety instructions and best practices.
  • To discover the best prices, compare several quotes.
  • Give your cars the routine maintenance they need.

You may make sound decisions to guarantee your company is sufficiently covered by being aware of the coverage alternatives and the variables affecting insurance quotations. Start a quote online or speak to an agent to learn more about insurance offerings for these vehicles.


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