Car Insurance Quote UK

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Car Insurance Quote UK

Car Insurance Quote UK

If you own or drive a car, you’re legally required to have car insurance in the UK. Car insurance is a legal requirement for drivers in the UK, and you must be covered if you use your car on the roads. Check below to see how to get a quote for car insurance in the United Kingdom.

What is needed to get car insurance quotes

It’s easy to compare cheap car insurance quotes. They just need a few details from you:

  • What do you use the car for
  • Your details and your license
  • Details of the car
  • No-claims discount (NCD) history

How can I get cheaper auto insurance?

Here are some ways to find cheaper coverages:

  • obtaining a car from a lower insurance company
  • building up your no-claims discount by driving safely and responsibly
  •  driving more carefully to reduce the risk of an accident
  • searching for any difference in cost if you pay annually or monthly
  •  increasing the voluntary excess you’re prepared to pay on a policy
  •  reducing your mileage
  •  Use your garage to store your car overnight
  •  passing advanced motoring credentials

Car insurance cost by Age

Age is one of the things that affect the cost of car insurance. Younger drivers have to pay more for insurance, whereas older drivers will have much cheaper premiums.

Age                Average Annual Price







Cheapest Car Insurance Companies

Several factors affect costing such as age, policy type, mileage, excess, payment type, etc.

One Click

  • £355

Swinton Essentials

  • £356


  • £369

Types of car insurance policy

You can find types of car insurance for specific things, including multi-car insurance and short-term cover:

  • New drivers
  • Telematics
  • Over 50s
  • Short term cover
  • Learner drivers
  • Multi-car policies
  • Business use

Factors that affect the cost of car insurance

Below are the things that affect the price of your quote;

  • Regulatory changes
  • Where you live
  • Driver age and experience
  • Type of vehicle you drive
  • Industry trends
  • How far do you drive
  • Your job
  • Crime rate
  • Previous claims

For detailed information, click here to get an insurance quote.


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