Artificial Lawn Installation Costs Australia

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Artificial Lawn Installation Costs Australia

Artificial Lawn Installation Costs Australia

Do you want to know how much it costs to install artificial lawns in Australia? You may become frustrated by the abundance of information available to you while you’re looking into fake grass installation options and rates. Australia has seen a rise in the popularity of artificial lawns because of its low maintenance requirements and long-term financial benefits. Artificial grass can be a tempting alternative if you’re sick of watering, fertilizing, and mowing your lawn or just want a lush, green lawn all year round.

The cost of putting artificial grass might vary depending on several factors. Below is a list of some of these aspects that will help you understand what influences expenses and what you can do to ensure that you obtain the best product for your needs at the lowest possible price. Artificial Lawn Installation Costs Australia

Factors Affecting Installation Costs:

1: Turf Quality: Artificial grass can have a wide range of prices depending on the components and quality. Although it costs more, higher-quality turf performs better and has a more realistic appearance and durability.

2: Area Size: One of the main factors influencing the total installation cost is the area that needs to be covered with artificial grass. Greater regions incur more costs because they demand more labor, materials, and time.

3: Site Planning: Installation prices may vary depending on the state of the site and the level of preparation needed. The total cost may increase due to elements like clearing the area of any existing vegetation, leveling the ground, and erecting weed barriers or drainage systems.

4: Type of Installation: The cost of various installation techniques, such as overlay, full replacement, or green installation, varies. More time and materials may be needed for intricate installations or unique designs, raising the final cost.

5: Infill Materials: To give artificial grass solidity, durability, and comfort, infill materials like rubber granules or silica sand are frequently added. The installation cost may vary depending on the kind and quantity of infill used.

6: Site Accessibility: The installation site’s accessibility may have an impact on the cost. Higher installation costs may arise from the need for specialized equipment or more labor in difficult-to-access regions.

7: Work Costs: Labor costs are contingent upon many factors, including project complexity, contractor competence, and location. While hiring experts guarantees high-quality installation, it could cost more.

The average cost of installing artificial grass in Australia

There are a number of them that can affect the installation cost of an artificial lawn in Australia. The price ranges for artificial grass are typically as follows: $25 to $35 for basic turf, $35 to $45 for mid-range turf, and $45 to $70 or more for luxury turf. When planning your project’s budget, don’t forget to account for extra costs like labor ($20 to $40 per square meter), edging ($5 to $10 per linear meter), infill material ($5 to $10 per square meter), and site preparation ($20 to $40 per square meter).

Process of installing an Artificial Turf

Take Out the Grass

Take out the top four inches of your current base and lawn, then dispose of it by local laws. They advise bringing a dump trailer to the location because dirt accumulates quickly.

Include Base

Next, cover the area where you will be laying your grass with an even layer of three inches of class two road base. A flat platform with appropriate drainage can be created with the use of a road base. To prepare the ground for the material to be laid, lightly moisten it and then run a compactor over it. To stop weeds and pests from growing through your newly planted lawn, you might want to add gopher wire and weed barrier, depending on the size of your yard. If you have pets, it is NOT advised to use weed barriers.

Install turf

Take care not to allow your magnificent new grass to slide across your just-prepared base when you roll it out. For the grass to swell, they advise leaving it in the sun for 30 to 60 minutes. Verify that the stitch patterns and blades are facing the same direction. A bad-looking lawn would arise from ignoring this. The turf can be stretched and moved into position using a carpet kicker.

Trim to Fit

Next, trim your new lawn to match the irregular shape of your yard with a box cutter. To assist with finishing touches, leave a quarter to half an inch of turf over the border. Next, use glue and seam tape to seal the seams. To create a spotless, organic-looking yard, the seams must be properly fitted together. Ensure that the spacing between stitch rows matches and that each piece of turf has blades orientated in the same direction. Position the seam tape’s red line exactly in the middle of the seam. Next, use the glue on both sides of the red line to form an “S” pattern. After positioning the turf, let the glue solidify.

Keep the Periphery Safe

Once the border has been tucked in with a putty knife and hammer, fasten your turf to its three-inch base by inserting 40-D 5-inch non-galvanized turf nails every six inches. It is also advised to reinforce these locations by putting a few nails along the seams. Before applying infill, use a power or push broom to brush the turf to straighten the blades. A more perpendicular blade memory will result from this.

Disperse the Infill

The filler needs to be spread next! The look, feel, and longevity of your lawn will all be directly impacted by the proper amount of infill added. To evenly distribute the recommended amount of infill, use a drop spreader.

Infill Brush

After the infill is installed, brush the turf using a push or power broom. This will make the blades stand straight and give the impression that the grass has just been mowed on your new lawn. Finally, give the grass a final rinse to remove any last bits of dust.

Have Fun on Your Lawn!

After giving your lawn a thorough washing and packing away your tools, all you need to do is sit back, unwind, and relish your freshly installed turf! You won’t ever again have to bother about rising early to mow. Brushing your lawn a few times a year is the only care required.

You can guarantee a good and economical artificial grass installation process by being aware of the variables that affect costs and getting many quotations from reliable experts. Hope this guide was helpful. Comment below if you have any questions about this post. For more information, click here.


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