Home Insurance Quote Ireland

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Home Insurance Quote Ireland

Home Insurance Quote Ireland

Everyone’s home is unique, regardless of where they reside. It’s simpler for you to select the coverage that’s best for you and your family with the selection of house insurance policies. Whether you’re a landlord, tenant, or homeowner, Home Insurance offers a range of solutions to meet your needs. Here are some tips for lowering the cost of your home insurance coverage, regardless of whether you want to safeguard your house or the items inside.

Types of home insurance

  • Insurance for buildings: Protection protects the physical property, such as the main structure, your roof, the windows, and any other permanent fixtures and fittings.
  • Insurance for contents: safeguards the items in your house. For instance, the furnishings, jewelry, and furniture.
  • Insurance for vacation homes: Protection for your vacation house. Select between contents-only insurance, buildings-only insurance, or both.
  • Renters’ insurance: specifically made to shield rented tenants’ belongings against theft, fire, and flooding.

How to lower your home insurance quote

Any of the following savings will help you get a cheaper quotation for house insurance:

  • Save money when you bundle: Selecting Home & Auto insurance can save you more than €75.
  • Discount on No Claims: Save thirty percent after three years in a row with no claims (10% after the first year and 15% after two).
  • Internet savings: Get a quote online and save 15%.
  • Alert Homeowners’ Discount: If your approved intruder alarm is operational, save 10%.

Compare Irish house insurance policies.

Buildings and/or contents insurance may be included in your estimate for house insurance. Losses due to fire, theft, flood, storm, oil and water escape, malevolent acts, and subsidence are all covered. Use the list below to compare different insurance policies.

  • Insurance for Buildings

protects your home, outbuilding, and shed. covers permanent items such as bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

  • Insurance for Contents

covers the items you value most, such as furniture, electronics, paintings, engagement diamonds, and artwork. Perfect if you’re leasing.

  • Contents & Buildings Insurance

All-inclusive coverage that safeguards your possessions and property.

Home Insurance Features and Benefits

  • Fire Brigade Services
  • Alarm Discounts
  • Home Emergency Assistance
  • Protected No Claims Discount

Please see the home insurance policy booklet for more information.


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