North West University Notable Alumni

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North West University Notable Alumni

North-West University Notable Alumni

Notable alumni are individuals who have attended a particular school, college, or university and have gone on to achieve significant success in their respective fields. These individuals are recognized for their contributions to society, and their achievements bring prestige and recognition to their alma mater.

“We have always aimed at producing successful graduates – individuals who were primarily prepared to make a contribution to our great nation,” said Prof Frik van Niekerk, the NWU’s deputy vice-chancellor for research, innovation and technology.

“We are improving in countless ways with a view to delivering quality students that one day will become well-known beacons in our society – people who may in future be deemed worthy of an alumnus award,” he concluded.

Over the years, NWU has produced a number of notable alumni who have excelled in various fields, including politics, business, education, and the arts. Some of the most notable alumni from NWU include:

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North-West University Notable Alumni

  • Thabo Mbeki: A former President of South Africa, Mbeki obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from NWU.
  • Cyril Ramaphosa: The current President of South Africa, Ramaphosa studied law at the University of the North, which later merged with NWU.
  • Elana Meyer: A former Olympic long-distance runner, Meyer obtained a degree in Sports Science from NWU.
  • Jannie Mouton: The founder and former CEO of PSG Group, Mouton obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree from NWU.
  • Mmusi Maimane: A former leader of the opposition Democratic Alliance party in South Africa, Maimane studied Psychology at NWU.
  • John Kani: A renowned South African actor and playwright, Kani obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from NWU.


After graduating, there are many reasons to stay in touch with your alma mater. These include being part of a worldwide network of NWU alumni who share your educational background, and opportunities to contribute to the future development of the NWU.The University has two main channels for interacting with alumni: the Alumni Association and the NWU Convocation.

The Convocation is a formal structure that promotes the welfare of the University and actively influences its affairs through representation on the NWU Council.

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Alumni association

The alumni association is established by the convocation and comprises all who graduated and diplomated from the NWU and its predecessors. The objective of the association is to serve as a connection between alumni and their alma mater.

Each campus has an external representative and an alumni relations officer who represent the interests of the respective campuses in the convocation. Please feel free to contact the following external members to represent your views on the alumni association.


North-West University Contact Details


Postal address:
North-West University
Private Bag X1290

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Physical address:
The Office of the Registrar
Building F1
11 Hoffman Street

(+27 18) 299-1111
(+27 18) 299-2222


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