North West University Prospectus 2024

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North West University Prospectus 2024

North West University Prospectus 2024

You can access the North-West University Prospectus for the 2024 academic year in PDF format by clicking on the provided download link. Prospective graduate or undergraduate students who seek to enroll in the program are the main audience for the North-West University Prospectus. It serves as a comprehensive list of qualifications for studying that program of interest as well as a reference for selecting the appropriate program of interest.

Also, it offers thorough information about all facets of the school, including the prerequisites for admission, the application and admissions processes, the registration process, the courses offered, the contact details, and guidelines for submitting a strong application to the NWU. Interested students can also browse the prospectuses for undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma programs as well as short courses, online learning, and other programs. Please click the link to obtain the North-West University prospectus.

NWU prospectus pdf

North West University Prospectus 2024

The North-West University Prospectus is now accessible in PDF format below and has been posted to the university’s official website,

Admission requirements

Please note that the below admission requirements are subject to change pending selection and possible faculty-specific requirements.

Study information is subject to change and is a summary of the general fields of study. This information was compiled for introduction and orientation purposes and the North-West University accepts no liability for inaccuracies that may occur in this guide. The official yearbook of the University must in all cases be consulted during the process of compiling a program for a specific field of study. The appropriate yearbook is available on request at: / 018 285 4320 /

Please note that owing to specific capacity constraints, the University reserves the right to select candidates for admission to certain fields of study. This means that prospective students who comply with the minimum requirements will not automatically be admitted to the courses in question. Because of the capacity limitations and the high demand from students for admission to particular fields of study, students will be selected on the basis of their Grade 12 results for admission to these fields.

NWU prospectus pdf

HEQSF alignment

All universities in South Africa were obligated by law to take part in a National Project driven by the regulatory bodies (Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), the Council on Higher Education (CHE), and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), to align all qualifications with the Higher Education Qualification Sub Framework (HEQSF). The NWU is thus currently in an ongoing process of aligning our qualification and program offering with the requirements of the HEQSF.

Prospective students must take notice of the fact that NWU qualification names, program names as well as the composition of curricula may change due to the HEQSF Project, prior to registration for the 2024 academic year. Successful candidates are advised to contact the relevant faculty in order to ensure that they register for the correct qualification, program, and /or curriculum.

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