Progressive Truck Insurance Quote

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Progressive Truck Insurance Quote

Progressive Truck Insurance Quote

Are you searching for insurance that meets your demands as a truck driver? Progressive offers truck insurance estimates that are customized to meet your unique needs, giving you peace of mind while driving. Being aware of the details of Progressive’s truck insurance rates will enable you to secure your assets and commercial vehicles with information.

By offering flexible coverage and payment options, free filings, specialized heavy truck claims processing, discounts, and knowledgeable support, they have become America’s top commercial truck insurance provider throughout the last 50+ years.

Their mission is to provide you with the best vehicle claims assistance available. In contrast to many businesses, they have a highly skilled group of 100% internal adjusters who will oversee your repairs from beginning to end. In addition, they have established a vast network of pre-approved repair businesses where consumers are given priority status.

Commercial trucks that Progressive insure

Below are more common commercial trucks that Progressive Commercial currently insures:

  • Garbage truck
  • Ice cream truck
  • Pump truck
  • Refrigerated truck
  • Stake body truck
  • Street sweeper
  • Tank truck
  • Agricultural truck
  • Bucket truck
  • Car carrier or rollback
  • Catering truck
  • Cement mixer
  • Flatbed truck
  • Front loader

The cost of truck insurance

The average monthly premium for commercial for-hire truck insurance in the United States in 2022 was $1,125 for other transportation truckers and $736 for vocational truckers, according to Progressive. (Refer to the Disclosure) Note that you may not pay these averages. Several variables will affect your rate, such as:

  • USDOT inspection history
  • Coverage requirements
  • Vehicle type
  • Cargo
  • Operating radius
  • Driving history

Tips for obtaining insurance for classic trucks

Step 1: Determine how frequently you wish to use your classic truck. If it happens infrequently, compare quotes for insurance for vintage trucks. You could require regular auto insurance if you have to drive it frequently.

Step 2: To provide an accurate appraisal, include as much information as you can. Good places to start include the year, make, model, body style, and engine displacement. Don’t forget to mention your truck’s present state, including any modifications and repair work.

Step 3: Assess your need for coverage in case the repair work continues. Your vintage truck’s value can rise while restoration work is being done on it. While it’s being built, restoration coverage can safeguard the growing value of your truck.

Learn more about commercial truck insurance costs, policy rating factors, and measures you can take to find customized coverage at a competitive price. Call or start a quote online to find out your exact rate.


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