NMU Registration Online

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NMU Registration Online

NMU Registration Online

NMU’s registration online period begins on January 11, 2024, and until March 15, 2024, a few weeks after the late application portal has been closed. Selected applicants are notified through SMSM or email to proceed to register . NMU’s online registration involves simple steps and processes. You can register from anywhere by logging on to the Student Portal or the nelson Mandela University website https://www.mandela.ac.za/ provided there’s internet connectivity. International students are required to pay all fees in full before registration and must complete preregistration before proceeding with registration.

If you’ve been admitted to study at Nelson Mandela University – congratulations!

  • Pay any relevant fees that may be due
  • Take part in the orientation programmes to find out how and where to do things on campus
  • Find out when you can register for your course
  • Go through the registration process to enrol in your chosen subjects (modules)
  • Find out when lectures start

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Nelson Mandela University (NMU) Registration Fee

Down payment amounts before registration can commence. This amount will be credited towards your student fees account.
Degree Programmes, Postgraduate Diplomas and Occasional Studies
Full-time students                        –                                 R 9300
Part-time students                       –                                 R 5400

Medical degree (inclusive of device and non-tuition fee levies
First-year                                     –                                  R24300

Diploma/Certificate Programmes
Full-time students                                                         R 6600
Part-time students                                                        R 4600

Residences (students at all campuses)                     R 7100

Students accepted in accredited off-campus residences must make payments directly to the service provider (landlord) and not into the university account. (Please see off-campus registration guidelines on the website: http://ocho.mandela.ac.za)


International Students
International students are required to pay all fees in full before registration. Please request your estimation of fees from the International Student Accounts Office by emailing
intfees@mandela.ac.za. International students must complete pre-registration before proceeding with registration.

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Steps To Follow To Register Online At NMU

Follow this link: https://www.mandela.ac.za/Registration Select register now and login.

You can request a PIN if you don’t have one by following the instructions in this post. The PIN will be sent to your Nelson Mandela University email address.

  1. Select registration. This can be found at the top left of your screen.
  2. Select declaration by applicant. Please read and acknowledge the content and then select I accept. You have to complete this process before you will be allowed to continue with your registration. Select register now (on the left side of your screen).
  3. Your qualification information for 2024 will be displayed. Enter your employment status by selecting a value from the list. Select save and continue.
  4. The modules for your qualification will be displayed. Make your selection from the text box on the left. Select save and continue once you have selected the modules for which you want to register. Note: you may only register for 120 credits or the annual total of your programme for any specific academic year. Select continue and view the modules selected.
  5. Select I accept to confirm the registration of modules. Select accept registration in order to finalise your registration. Your proof of registration will be displayed

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