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Nelson Mandela University, formerly known as Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) and before that – the University of Port Elizabeth (UPE), the Port Elizabeth Technikon and Vista University’s Port Elizabeth campus. This South African university has its main administration in the coastal city of Port Elizabeth. Nelson Mandela University was founded through a merger of three institutions in January 2005, but its history dates back to 1882, with the foundation of the Port Elizabeth Art School.
Nelson Mandela University is a comprehensive university offering professional and vocational training. The University has seven campuses – six in Port Elizabeth and one in George. The main campus of the university is the South Campus. Students at Nelson Mandela University can study towards a diploma or a degree up to doctoral level qualifications. A number of courses include workplace experience as part of the curriculum at Nelson Mandela University. English is the University’s medium of instruction.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to Change the World.”
Nelson Mandela

On 20 July 2017, the university was officially renamed Nelson Mandela University, the only university in the world to carry the name of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. With the full support of Mandela’s eldest grandson and custodian of the family, Mandla Mandela, it is our unique privilege to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s most beloved statesman and a man who became the world’s moral compass.
Mandela believed that education was a force of good and called on all South Africans to treasure knowledge and never stop learning. He valued diversity – especially the coming together of different minds, different backgrounds, different talents and different approaches to achieve greatness. He also made it clear that his contribution was just the beginning; calling on students, academics, and universities to forge new paths, and bring about new cycles of economic innovation, democratic change and equality.
We embrace Mandela’s challenge and honour his name by leading our university into an era of transformative innovation, development and change. As an innovative 21st century institution of higher learning, we are taking responsibility for his legacy and ensuring that it is reflected in the way that we teach, learn, research, engage with our communities. and work and live as students, staff, alumni and partners.
Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to improving society and changing the world for the better and as the university that uniquely carries his name, we are confident that we can do justice to his legacy.

*Offices have extended hours beyond NMU’s regular business hours.)

Admissions 906-227-2650
Help Desk (computer and technical services)* 906-227-2468
University Switchboard* 906-227-1000
All-Campus Tutoring 906-227-2618
Alumni Relations 906-227-2610
Athletics – Main Office 906-227-2105
PEIF Office 906-227-2519
Superior Dome Office 906-227-2850
ASNMU (student government) 906-227-2452
Bookstore 906-227-2480
University Marketing and Communications 906-227-2720
Dean of Students 906-227-1700
Disability Services 906-227-1700
Financial Aid 906-227-2327
Financial Services (non-student financial transactions) 906-227-1221
Forest Roberts Theatre* 906-227-2082
NMU Foundation 906-227-2627
Health Center 906-227-2355
Housing and Residence Life 906-227-2620
Human Resources 906-227-2330
Lydia Olson Library* 906-227-2260
Online/Distance Learning* 906-227-2117
Public Safety and Police Services* 906-227-2151
Registrar 906-227-2258
Records 906-227-2278
Student Service Center (student financial transactions) 906-227-1221
Ticket Office* 906-227-1032


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