Stellenbosch University Psychology

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Stellenbosch University Psychology

Stellenbosch University Psychology; UWC psychology

Stellenbosch University’s Department of Psychology are some of the country’s most productive academic psychologists, and several of them have received honors and grants for their work in teaching and research. They are dedicated to performing the greatest caliber of research, instruction, practice, and volunteer work.

Because of this, they consistently compare their scholarly work to the greatest in the world. Numerous past students have accepted posts in major institutions in South Africa and other countries after their faculty and students published works in the top academic journals throughout the world. Their department provides postgraduate education leading to registration as a psychologist as well as undergraduate psychology courses leading to a major in the field.

Additionally, they provide thesis-based research training for masters and doctoral degrees. Key psychological concerns affecting South Africa and the African continent are the focus of their teaching and research initiatives. They are dedicated to making a thorough and critical academic contribution to the social relevance of psychology as a discipline and a profession. UWC psychology

Psychology Requirements

Undergraduate Programs

  • Psychology as a Science
  • Approaches to Psychological Theories of the person
  • Human Development (223) – (2nd term)
  • Research Design in Psychology (243
  • Data analysis in Psychology (253)
  • Psychopathology 314
  • Social Psychology 324
  • Psychological Interventions (348

UWC psychology

Postgraduate Programs

  • BAHons (Psychology)
  • MA (Clinical Psychology)
  • MA/Ph.D. (Psychology)
  • MPhil (Public Mental Health)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Public Mental Health

Psychology Requirements

  • Registration 2021
    New applicants as well as continuing students are urged to make use of the self-registration that is the electronic registration process. Please consult the self-registration schedule for the relevant dates for your year of study or program.
    Electronic -registration can be done on any computer with access to the internet at
    Online Registration;
    Only applicants who obtained the National Senior Certificate of the South African school system or IEB examinations, and continuous students can register online.
    First-year students:
    1 March: Self-registration opens, up to the time slot determined for your faculty’s registration on the Stellenbosch or on the Tygerberg Campus.
    Continuous students:
    Please see the below registration dates:
    Tygerberg Campus
    4 Jan 2021 – 5 Feb 2021
    E-registration for senior undergraduate and postgraduate Medicine & Health Sciences students @ Tygerberg campus Start on 1 March – 5 March 2021
    Stellenbosch Campus online registration for newcomer first-year students starts on 18 Jan 2021
    Online registration for M and D students Starts on 25 Jan 2021
    Online registration for undergraduate senior and postgraduate students, excluding M and D students (refer to 18 January) Start 1 Mar 2021
    Online registration for newcomer first-year students Start 11 Mar 2021
    Conclusion of registration for all students (excluding M and D students, as well as students from Medicine and Health Sciences) 26 Mar 2021
    Final day for late registration for undergraduate and postgraduate students (excluding M and D students) 31 Mar 2021

    More Details;
        Department Psychology situated in the RW Wilcocks Building/Psychology Requirements
    Mrs. Ursula Hartzenberg (Office Manager)
    Tel: +27 21 808 3459
    Ms Kungeka Ndila (Receptionist)
    Tel: +27 21 808 3461
    Ms. Princess V Mahlasela (Undergraduate Administrative Officer)
    Tel: +27 21 808 3461
    Ms. Gaynöhl Andrews (Postgraduate Administrative Officer)
    Tel: +27 21 808 3461
    Physical Address:
    RW Wilcocks Building
    2nd Floor
    Ryneveld Street
    Stellenbosch, 7600
    Postal Address
    Private Bag X1
    Stellenbosch, 7602
    South Africa


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