UFH University of Fort Hare

UFH University of Fort Hare

UFH University of Fort Hare

Hello Prospective Student or Alumnus,

I have great pleasure welcoming you to the University of Fort Hare (UFH).


I am glad and very grateful that you are considering our University for your higher education experience and studies. The University is prepared to give you one of the most exciting and fruitful undergraduate or postgraduate experience. Even if you are visiting the website as one of our active alumni, I trust in these pages you will find a reflection of our total and unwavering commitment to academic excellence.


This site is surely going to take you through the whole cycle of university life from understanding what a university is all about within the context of the University of Fort Hare. From the history and heritage of the Institution to the envisaged future in its forthcoming Centenary and beyond, you are encouraged to learn more about our academic programmes, admissions processes, facilities and exciting student life.  With 13 000 students, national and international, the University of Fort Hare continues to take its rightful place not only as a thought leader, but as an unparalleled knowledge production institution with applied natural and social sciences. Various niche areas have been identified to spur on our researchers. New ones are also in the pipeline to define the new UFH.

I believe Fort Hare is ideally and suitably placed to respond to any of your academic aspirations and desire for a memorable student life. At Fort Hare you will join a broader community, from the past to the present, who defined the scholarly excellence for which we strive, as critical engagement in teaching and learning, research and community engagement.  They did this first as students and later as alumni. This excellence should be marked by rigorous inquiry with relevance, responsiveness and responsibility in providing leadership to society. That scholarly excellence should provide insights into the best paths of development and should be inspiring, informative and transformative. I expect that same excellence from you as a student and later as an alumnus.


Thank you for allowing us to share a part of your personal journey to what will certainly become a significant period in your life.