UL Prospectus 2025-2026 Undergraduate PDF

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UL Prospectus 2025-2026 Undergraduate PDF

UL Prospectus 2025-2026 Undergraduate PDF

Below is the University of Limpopo UL Undergraduate Prospectus; read the pages to acquire all the pertinent information you need for your UL Online Applications in 2025–2026. Before or after submitting your UL Application, the UL Prospectus is the ideal handbook for learning everything you need to know about the institution.

Before submitting any applications, students must ensure that they meet the necessary UL Admission Requirements. The Handbook is the ideal place to begin.

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Application Process For UL Undergraduate 2025-2026

Follow the steps below to apply online for University of Limpopo Undergraduate programs;

Step 1: Download the application form from our website or apply online click here 

Step 2: Your academic application form must be accompanied by an application fee which is R250-00 for South African students and R380-00 for International students.

Step 3: Once you have submitted your application form, please wait for 4 weeks before checking on your application status.

Note: make sure that you meet or exceed the admission requirements as set out on the prospectus. Only Bachelor Certificate holders are eligible to apply for admission.

1.1 National Senior Certificate (NSC) with Bachelor exemption

Prospective students, with an NSC, who wish to gain entry to any undergraduate program at the University of Limpopo, should comply with the following:

  • Life Orientation with an achievement level of at least three (3).
  • Aligned with the language policy of the university, English is a language of learning and teaching with an achievement level of at least three (3).
  • The required minimum levels of achievement in specific subjects as stipulated in the Calendars of each Faculty, provided that:
    • Four 20-credit subjects were achieved with a minimum NSC achievement level of four (4) for the degree program and
    • Four 20-credit subjects were achieved with a minimum NSC achievement level of three (3) for the diploma program.
  • The required Admission Point Score (APS) is stipulated in the Calendars of each Faculty.

Admission Requirements for first entering students

Applying at the University of Limpopo 2025-2026

Meeting the minimum APS for a particular program does not, however, guarantee admission.

1.2 Matriculation Certificate (before 2008)

  • Students, who successfully completed Grade 12 before 2008, can apply for admission to the University with the normal Grade 12 Senior Certificate with full university exemption by converting their grade symbols to an APS.

1.3 National Certificate (Vocational)

  • Students who have completed a National Certificate Vocational NC(V) Level 4 qualification will require the following and will be subject to Faculty Admission Specifications and Placement Tests:
  • NC(V) level 4 certificate with 3 fundamental subjects at 60% (Life Orientation included) and 4 relevant vocational subjects at 70% for degree programs.
  • NC(V) level 4 certificate with 3 fundamental subjects at 50% (Life Orientation included) and 3 compulsory vocational subjects at 60% for diploma programs.

1.4   The Admission Point Score (APS) system

The system is a simple calculation, using your NSC or Grade 12 university exemption results, which can be done by any prospective student to determine if he/she meets the minimum requirements to gain entry into:

  • The University of Limpopo and
  • A specific program of choice is offered by a Faculty within the University.

Meeting the minimum APS for a particular program does not, however, guarantee admission.

The calculation is done by the addition of the achievement levels in six (6) recognized 20 credit subjects as stipulated by specific requirements of the Faculties. Achievement levels are as follows (Note Life Orientation is not used in the APS calculation)

Download The 2024-2025 Undergraduate Prospectus PDF

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2.  Qualifications other than the NSC

Prospective students should get verification of the qualification from Higher Education South Africa (HESA). More information can be obtained from www.hesa.org.za. Prospective students with matriculation qualifications from outside the borders of South Africa can also contact the International Office at +27 (0) 15 268 3046.

3.  Placement Test

The University of Limpopo will conduct National Benchmarking Tests for prospective students.   The results of the test will be used for research in terms of student profiles and for the allocation of appropriate support.

4.  Extended Curriculum Programmes (ECP)

The extended curriculum programs offered at the university are linked to the corresponding approved regular undergraduate degree programs but allow students an additional year to achieve the learning outcomes. The results of the Placement Tests are of particular relevance to gaining access to these programs.

How To Apply Online At the University of Limpopo

To apply online, you need access to the Internet and a valid email address. Please ensure that you:

  • Complete the application accurately and fully
  • Write your names as they appear on your identity/passport document
  • Specify the names of the first-choice and second-choice degrees
  • Complete the residence section (if you wish to stay on campus)

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Contact UL

Telephone: +27 (0) 15 – 268 – 3332 / 3833 / 2812 / 2435 / 3924 /3925/ 3276 / 4691/ 2788
Email: enrolment@ul.ac.za

Telephone: +27 (0) 15 – 268 – 3485 / 2228 / 3928/ 3877 / 2156
Email: postgraduate.office@ul.ac.za

Telephone: +27 (0) 15 – 268 3472 / 2436 / 2110 / 2251 / 2822 / 3650
Email: studentaccounts.turf@ul.ac.za

Telephone: +27 (0) 15 – 268 3088 / 2405
Email: financialaid@ul.ac.za

Visit The Official Website Of UL For More Details. I hope the provided information is helpful, share your thoughts below in the comment section.


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