Durban University Of Technology (DUT) Prospectus 2025-2026

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Durban University Of Technology (DUT) Prospectus 2025-2026

Durban University Of Technology (DUT) Prospectus 2025-2026

DUT Prospectus 2025-2026: Your Guide to Future Success:

The DUT prospectus contains all the application instructions, requirements, procedures, courses and programs, application and registration fees, and so on. As a new/current student, you can access the self-service student iEnabler system on campus or on your computer at home by viewing the link below, which will show you the video with detailed steps on how to register online.

Planning a successful career at DUT does not have to be a vague dream. The DUT prospectus is made to convince prospective students to apply to the institution. The prospectus is designed to suit prospective students, applicants, students and Lecturers, to provide information regarding academics such as courses, registration, requirements etc.

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Durban University Of Technology (DUT) Online Application Date For 2025

  • DUT UNIVERSITY RE-OPENS for the 2025 – Wednesday, 03 January 2025
  • Administrative staff and those academic staff required for registration preparation, as determined by Heads of Departments, return on Wednesday, 03 January 2025.
  • All other staff return on Monday, 08 January 2025.

Download The Durban University Of Technology (DUT) Academic Calendar For 2025-2026

Features of Durban University Of Technology (DUT) Prospectus 2025-2026

The DUT prospectus provides a comprehensive guide for prospective students, offering insights into the institution’s ethos, academic offerings, facilities, and support services. The prospectus comprises the following features;

Program Offerings:

  • The prospectus provides detailed information about the wide array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines, including engineering, business, health sciences, applied sciences, and the creative arts.


  • Prospective students are given information about state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest technology and resources to support their academic path. The campuses provide an immersive learning environment conducive to exploration and innovation, from advanced laboratories and research centres to specialised workshops and studios.


  • Learn about innovative teaching methodologies, practical learning experiences, and industry partnerships aimed at preparing you for success in your chosen field.

Student Support Services:

  • From academic advising and career counselling to wellness programs and disability support services, the prospectus outlines the comprehensive support network designed to meet your diverse needs.

Campus Life and Engagement:

  • Learn about the student organizations, clubs, and extracurricular activities that foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among students.

Admission Requirements and Application Process:

  • Gain insight into the admission requirements and application process for prospective students. Whether you are a recent high school graduate, a transfer student, or an international applicant, the prospectus provides clear guidance on how to join the DUT community.

Scholarship and Financial Aid Opportunities:

  • Explore the various scholarship, bursary, and financial aid options available to support your academic journey. Learn about eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and tips for securing funding to alleviate the economic burden of pursuing higher education.

How To Download The Durban University Of Technology (DUT) Prospectus 2025-2026

To download the Durban University Of Technology (DUT) prospectus, you can follow these steps:

Visit the DUT Official Website:

  • Go to the official Cape Durban University Of Technology (DUT) website.

Explore to the Prospectus Page:

  • On the DUT website, look for a section dedicated to “Prospective Students” or “Admissions.”
  • This is usually found in the main menu or under “Study at DUT.”
  • Find the link or tab labelled “Prospectus” or similar. Click on it to access the prospectus page.

Download the Prospectus:

  • On the prospectus page, you will find links to download the prospectus for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  • Click the appropriate link to start downloading the PDF file.
  • Depending on your browser settings, the file may automatically download to your designated “Downloads” folder or prompt you to choose a location.

Open and Review the Prospectus:

  • Once downloaded, open the prospectus with a PDF reader to review the information.
  • The prospectus provides comprehensive details about the university, its programs, admission requirements, and other relevant information for prospective students.

Contact DUT for Further Information:

  • If you have trouble finding or downloading the prospectus, you can contact the DUT admissions office for assistance.
  • Look for contact information on the DUT website, usually at the bottom of the homepage

 Download The Durban University Of Technology (DUT) Prospectus 2025-2026

Contact DUT

  • General
    Durban Switchboard: 031 373 2000
    Midlands Switchboard: 033 845 8800
    P O Box 1334, Durban 4000
  • Financial Aid
    Tel: 031 373 2553 (Dbn)
    Tel: 033 845 8890 (Midlands)

As you get into the Durban University of Technology (DUT) Prospectus for 2025-2026, you are embarking on an important path toward defining your future. The path ahead is rich with chances for education, growth, and self-improvement. Whether your interests lie in technology, business, arts, or health sciences, DUT provides a wide array of programs aimed at giving you the skills and expertise to succeed in a fast-evolving world. Visit The Official Website Of DUT For More Details

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