Stellenbosch University Accommodation

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Stellenbosch University Accommodation

Stellenbosch University Accommodation

When it comes to accommodations for your study, you have many choices when it coimes to Stellenbosch University . You have the option of residing in a college home, private housing, or lodging managed by Stellenbosch University International (SU International).

In its best efforts, SU International will assist you in finding suitable lodgings and will attempt to mediate on your behalf. It’s important to keep in mind that enrolling in an academic program does not guarantee you a place to live. You must submit a separate application for housing, just like all other SU students. Best stellenbosch residence

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SU Accommodation facilities

  • SU has a room with a network point for students to connect their computers to the University’s network, electronic information resources, the Internet, and web-based e-learning tools.
  • SU has Laundry facilities
  • The SU has a “living room” area for students to socialize, watch TV or just “hang out
  • All the women’s residences, and some of the men’s, also have a communal and/or private lounge area where visitors can be received and entertained.
  • Most SU residences have lovely courtyards or gardens for play and relaxation.
 Undergraduate Women’s Residence   Undergraduate Men’s Residence  Undergraduate Mixed Residence 
  • Erica
  • Harmonie
  • He​emstede
  • Huis ten Bosch
  • Irene
  • Lydia
  • Minerva
  • Monica
  • Nemesia
  • Nerina
  • Serruria
  • Sonop
  • Dagbreek
  • Eendrag
  • Helderberg
  • Helshoogte
  • Huis Marais
  • Huis Visser
  • Majuba
  • Simonsberg
  • Wilgenhof
  • Goldfields
  • Metanoia
  • Huis Neethling (Maties Sport)
Senior Residences  Privately Affiliated Residences  Tygerberg Campus
  • Lobelia
  • Concordia
  • Huis MacDonald
  • Huis de Villiers
  • Russel Botman House
  • The Village
  • Academia
  • Nooitgedacht
  • HuisFrancie van Zijl
  • Hippokrates
  • Meerh​off​
  • Kerkenberg
  • Ubuntu House

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 Useful accommodation websites




Block C

Isa Dameskoshuis

Stellenbosch Residence





Lutz Building


La Rez

La Rez

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Facebook: Student Accommodation Stellenbosch

HDK Properties


Campus Key

Eikenhof Private Hostel


Anna Basson Eiendomme

Neelsie Eiendomme

Neelsie Eiendomme Rentals

Stellenbosch University International (SUI)


MySpace Residence


The Digs (Tygerberg)

Bellvista (Tygerberg)

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Contact Stellenbosch University Accommodation for more Details

Telephone:  +27 21 808 9111
Fax:  +27 21 808 3822
​Private Bag X1
Matieland, 7602
South Africa​​
GPS coordinates:
Administration B building, Victoria Street, Stellenbosch ​​
18° 51′ 47.536″ East
33° 56′ 1.327″ South​​
Emergency and another number

Campus Security
Report incidents to the Control Room:
Tel: 021 808-2333
Police Flying Squad
Tel: 10111
Delta Search and Rescue
24-hour emergency number: 021 851-3559
Tel: 999/10177
Med clinic Stellenbosch Emergency Center
Tel: 021 861 2094
Campus Health Services (CHS)
Weekdays 08:00 to 17:00​
Tel: 021 808 3496
Lifeline Cape Town
Tel: 021 592-2601​​
24-Hour Rape Crisis Stellenbosch
Tel: 082 977 8581
HIV/Aids Helpline
Tel: 0800 012322​


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