SU Student Accommodation

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SU Student Accommodation

SU Student Accommodation

Stellenbosch University can accommodate about 6500 students in approximately 31 university residences and other university accommodations on the Stellenbosch Campus. The five residences on the Tygerberg Campus, where the Faculty of Health Sciences is situated, house a further 1,000 students. Most Maties studying on these two campuses (more than 30,000 students in total) use private accommodation in Stellenbosch and its environs.

Students who are placed in any one of these residences are under the supervision of a Residential Head. The Residential Head, in turn, is assisted by a house committee. In each residence, there are also mentors. Mentors are senior students appointed in residences and Private Student Organizations (students who live privately) to assist new students with adjusting to university life. Each new student should have access to a mentor. The mentor already plays an important role during the welcoming period with general assistance regarding university life queries and psychosocial support. Through the mentor, the new students have the opportunity to partake in the Wellness programme of the University, which aims to enhance the wellness of students throughout the year.

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Stellenbosch University Residence facilities

Stellenbosch University has the following Accommodation Facilities for Successful Applicants;

  • Each room has a network point for connecting your computer to the University’s network, electronic information resources, the Internet and web-based e-learning tools.
  • Laundry facilities
  • A common “living room” area for socialising, watching TV or just “hanging out”
  • All the women’s residences, and some of the men’s, also have a communal and/or private lounge area where visitors can be received and entertained.
  • Most of the residences boast lovely courtyards and/or gardens for play and relaxation.

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SU University Residences

A comprehensive list of residences available at Stellenbosch University are listed below;

Undergraduate Women’s Residences (Stellenbosch Campus)

  • Erica
  • Harmonie
  • Heemstede
  • Huis ten Bosch
  • Irene
  • Lydia
  • Minerva
  • Monica
  • Nemesia
  • Nerina
  • Serruria
  • Sonop

Undergraduate Men’s Residences (Stellenbosch Campus)

  • Dagbreek
  • Eendrag
  • Helderberg
  • Helshoogte
  • Huis Marais
  • Huis Visser
  • Majuba
  • Simonsberg
  • Wilgenhof

Undergraduate Co-ed Residences (Mixed-Gender per Floor) (Stellenbosch Campus)

  • Goldfields
  • Metanoia
  • Huis Neethling (Maties Sport)

Senior Residences (Stellenbosch Campus)

  • Lobelia
  • Concordia
  • Huis MacDonald
  • Huis de Villiers
  • Russel Botman House
  • The Village

Privately Affiliated Residences (Stellenbosch Campus)

  • Academia
  • Nooitgedacht

Tygerberg Campus Residences

  • Huis Francie van Zijl
  • Hippokrates
  • Meerhoff
  • eNkanyini
  • Huis Nkosi Johnson House
  • Huis Ubuntu House

Stellenbosch University Private Accommodation

Accreditation is granted based on the information provided on the application form. A site visit will be arranged within the year, if applicable. The criteria for accreditation are published in the Stellenbosch University Guidelines for Off-campus Private Student Housing Accreditation.

Please Note:

  • The landlord is responsible for ensuring that the accommodation is up to standard and complies with the guidelines throughout the year.
  • It remains the student’s responsibility to ensure that they understand the content of the lease agreement, the cost of accommodation, and their obligations as a lessee in terms of the lease agreement. The lease agreement is between the student and the landlord. SU is not a party to the agreement.
  • Finally, it remains the prerogative of the student to choose suitable off-campus private housing.

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To apply for Stellenbosch University accommodation, kindly click on the link SU-Residence-Application-and-Placement-Booklet-ENG-Final

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SU Contact Details

  • Private Bag X1,
  • Matieland, 7602,
  • Stellenbosch, South Africa
  • Tel.: +27 21 808 9111

Service Hours
Mondays – Fridays:
08H00 – 12H45
13H45 – 16H30

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