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University Of Pretoria Actuarial Science

University Of Pretoria Actuarial Science

Welcome to the home page of the Department of Actuarial Science
The Department of Actuarial Science is extremely proud of its alumni. Former students occupy the highest positions in the insurance and investment world, not only in South Africa but also abroad. It strives to keep its program competitive and to afford students the opportunity to leave the University with a number of exemptions from the examinations of the Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA). It has highly skilled academics who serve on various committees of ASSA.
Prospective students should feel free to contact us should you have any questions about an Actuarial Science degree that are not answered on the site. Our aim is to firstly assist you in making the correct career choice and, secondly, to choose the correct university for this purpose.
Actuarial science salary

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BSc Actuarial and Financial Mathematics

The program gives you a well-rounded education that will benefit you beyond what is often anticipated of a graduate in these subjects. The emphasis of the coursework is on mathematics and statistics and how they play a part in actuarial and financial applications. The development of the computational and analytical abilities required for leadership in a career as an actuary or financial engineer is emphasized.

Additionally, the program gives you the choice to enter the disciplines of financial engineering or actuarial work. Banks, financial institutions, brokerage houses, and investment institutions can all hire financial engineers. In portfolio management and risk management, they are crucial.
Asset management (trading in bonds, futures, and derivative instruments like options), creating new financial products, and developing credit risk management strategies are a few examples of activities. Conditional admission is granted on the grounds of Grade 11 results. Application forms are available from the Client Service Centre. Applications can also be completed online at

You can click here to view the application deadline.
Because the program is incredibly popular and additional admission exams may be necessary for some circumstances, it is encouraged that you apply as soon as feasible. Where housing in a residence is required, early application is also important.

University of Pretoria actuarial science requirements

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Admission criteria

To be admitted to the degree course BSc(Financial and Actuarial Mathematics) the following Grade 12 results are required:

  • National Senior Certificate (NSC)
  • Mathematics: 7 (80%-100%) (Additional or Alpha Mathematics STRONGLY recommended)
  • English or Afrikaans: 5 (60%-69%)
  • Additional Language: 5 (60%-69%)
  • An APS of 34 (Excluding Life Orientation)
  • The APS is calculated to add the level performance of two languages, Mathematics, and the three other best subjects, excluding Life Orientation. More information can be found by clicking here.

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Subjects that will be taken in the first year

First-year students will enroll for all of the compulsory subjects below:

First Semester

Second Semester
EKN 110 Economics EKN 120 Economics
FBS 112 Financial Management FBS 122 Financial Management
IAS 111 Actuarial & Financial Mathematics in Practice IAS 121 Actuarial & Financial Mathematics in Practice
WST 111 Mathematical Statistics WST 121 Mathematical Statistics
WTW 114 Calculus WTW 123 Numerical Analysis
WTW 152 Mathematical Modelling WTW 124 Mathematics
UPO 102 Academic Orientation AIM 102 Academic Information Management
LST 110 Language & Study Skills


All students applying to the University of Pretoria are recommended to write the National Benchmark Test before registration. The results of the admission test may be used as additional information in cases where Grade 12 results do not display for whatever reason, the true potential of the candidate. Candidates must contact the Faculty Administration before the end of August of the year in which they apply to make the necessary arrangements.

For more information contact Faculty Administration at (012) 420-4580.

Further Information you may find useful
Accommodation inquiries:

University residences: (012) 420-3111
Off-campus accommodation: (012) 362-5112


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