Application Instruction For Applicants Applying to Universities

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Application Instruction For Applicants Applying To Universities

Application Instruction For Applicants Applying To Universities

Application Instruction For Applicants Applying To Universities is necessary for all students that have graduated from high school and wish to further their education in universities. To apply to an institution, there are instructions that need to be accepted

Qualify students may apply online or complete an Application for Admission form and post it to:

The official website of the college or submit the hard copy of the admission form to the physical address of the institution, respectively.

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Make sure you know the exact closing dates for the institutions you want to apply. To avoid any delays check for the closing dates of the institution first before you apply.

  • Remember you will have a unique email address when applying either online or a hard copy
  • Note that some of the systems do not accept emails from some of the universities: It is advisable therefore create and use a Gmail address and Yahoomail for the application.


Take this into consideration when starting the application process; Some universities use an online application system, while others only accept hard copies. Some offer both.

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Exam Results:

Grade 11 and the latest Grade 12 results are very important for your application (Grade 11 if currently, you doing grade 12). These are results that are allowed by some universities to use to apply. Thus, have it on hand.


Financial Support:

To further your education but no financial support can be a headache. If your family’s income falls below a certain level, you could qualify. You will be required to fill out a form separately and have proof of your parent or guardian payslips.


Current Year’s Activity:

If you’re in Matric, the university requires your school marks and school activity details.

Supporting Documents;

A Certified copy of your ID – Parent’s/guardian’s ID – Exam results – Proof of payment of application fee receipt. Residence – Most recent payslip. Send only a photocopy of it not the original. If you took a gap year they’ll need travelling or working details.


Accurate Details:

Make sure to check very well your details before submitting them online. If you fill out a hard copy, kindly use a pencil before filling it out with a blue or black pen.


Pay the Application Fee:

Make sure of the required amount, EFT it or pay it at the bank. Never post the fees. Send the university proof of payment receipt if it’s required.


Signing the Declaration:

Read through the form very well and make sure your details are all true and correct. The slightest mistake you make will end you not getting admission; You AND your parent/guardian need to sign it.



You will be sent a formal email or letter to inform you of your acceptance. This is why we mentioned above you have a working email address. Remember to continue working hard and pay the minimum initial payment by the due date.


The above-stated guidelines must be followed by students who wish to further their educations in higher institutions. To gain admission to study at higher institutions, you will need to follow the above instructions. So if you have finished reading the above Instructions and have all that we have stated in mind then, you are through with it. Hope the above application is helpful, kindly leave a comment in the comment section.



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