University Of Pretoria Fees-Residence Fees

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University Of Pretoria Fees-Residence Fees

The University Of Pretoria Fees-Residence Fees

The Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation fondly referred to as the TuksRes Family, is a stand-alone business unit, with various management teams serving residence students. With close to 10 000 students in our accommodation spaces, the University of Pretoria is proud to be known as the largest residential university in South Africa. By having a broad structure like TuksRes, one is able to manage the various needs of our student sector living in a residence.

In October 2004, the Council of the University of Pretoria made an executive decision to streamline all the various functions related to residences under one business unit. This was to alleviate the various silos that existed all over campus and therefore the Department of Residence Affairs and accommodation (TuksRes) was born. To offer an on-campus living environment that supports each student’s academic experience at the University of Pretoria.

To strive towards creating a community that fosters safety/security, personal development/growth and the rendering of professional services. We are furthermore committed to being responsive to the needs of all residents and to being driven by the idea of realising a better quality of student life in our residences. Below is the residence fee for students at the University of Pretoria. Students who are expecting to make use of funding (NSFAS, bursaries or other sponsorships) to finance their student accommodation, are urged to make use of university-accredited accommodation or University residences. Click here for more

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The University Of Pretoria Fees-Residence Fees



When to pay


Reservation fee

for residence placement

R5 700

Payable within 30 days from the date of written notification that you have been allocated a place •  This reservation fee also serves as a first instalment on the residence room fee.

•  The full reservation fee is payable every year if/when the room is re-allocated.

Fully payable before registration is allowed

Accommodation fee

See residence room fees in the table below

This fee will be billed to your student account and is payable with the rest of the account. 30 days’ notice is required to vacate your residence room. Your account will be billed for the full 30-day notice period even if you move out earlier.
A cancellation fee for room placement    (BEFORE having moved    into residence)

R1 475

Will be billed to your student account If you cancel your room within 30 days of accepting it, R1 475 of the reservation fee will be retained as a cancellation fee.

R2 850

If you cancel your room more than 30 days after accepting it, R2 850 of the reservation fee will be retained as a cancellation fee
Termination of staying in residence (AFTER having moved into residence) 30 days written notice is required. You will be liable for payment of the following:

•  the number of days that you have stayed in the residence plus the 30 days of your notification period. Email your notice to

•  all meals you have taken


Students who intend to depart from their residence during the year must give NOTICE on their Student Portal not later than 15 August to receive any credit.


R43 300

(Maximum cost per year if three meals per day are taken)

R14 400 (minimum initial amount is payable with the rest of the account) •  R14 400 will initially be billed to your account so that you can book and eat meals in the residence dining hall.

•  Should this amount not be sufficient, additional payments must be made to the student account before additional meals may be taken.

•  Should fewer meals be taken in the year, the balance will be credited to your student account at the end of the year.

•  Any meal credits will first be applied to cover any outstanding amounts on your student account.

•  Any remaining meal credits will only be paid out to you if your student account is fully paid.


(Holiday accommodation)


per day

See TuksRes Guide for details. •  Students will have to move to an allocated holiday residence for this period.

•  This fee is payable as the normal residence fees do not include holiday periods.

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Residence students must pre-book meals in their residence or they can buy individual food items in the dining hall. Should the initial R14 400 which is billed to your account, not be sufficient for the year, further payments will be necessary to provide for additional meals.


Booked meals that have not been taken will be charged.


Should you not want to use the meal charge on your account, please contact to reduce/credit the amount charged for meals (not needed) back to your student account.  The amount charged for meals and not fully used during the year will be credited back to your student account in December.   NSFAS students should contact our Study Financing department when experiencing issues in this regard at:

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Paying for additional meals

Once the initial meals money loaded onto your student card at the beginning of the year is depleted, you may add additional meals money in one of the following ways:

  • Pay at the cashiers on campus, indicating that the payment is for meals.
  • Make a deposit (or EFT) to our ABSA bank account 214 00 000 54 (see our full bank details in the Fees and Funding brochure on our web page) using your student number as a reference.  Notify us via email ( that the payment made is for meals.
  • Make use of our online credit card payment option (see our web page for the link) to make a payment.  Notify us via email ( that the payment made is for meals.
  • Should there be a credit balance on your student account, request us via email ( to transfer an amount to your student card for meals.

Please note: Payments made at the cashiers will be activated on the same day, but the other payment options may take longer to be activated.


Breakage fees for residence students

During your stay in residence, if any damage is done by you to the university property, a breakage fee will be levied on your student account.


Residence room fees

Students who intend to depart from their residence during the year must give NOTICE on their Student Portal not later than 15 August to receive any credit.

Download Universty of Pretoria Accommodation and meal fees pdf

Contact The University Of Pretoria

Postal Address:

  • University of Pretoria
  • Private Bag x 20
  • Hatfield
  • 0028


  • GIBS | Groenkloof | Hatfield
  • Hillcrest | Mamelodi | Onderstepoort | Prinshof

Student Service Centre (for Contact students):

  • Contact Centre – Telephone: 012 420 3111
  • Contact Centre – Email:

UP Online Call Centre (for Online Students):

  • Call Centre – Email:


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