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University Of Pretoria Law Faculty

University Of Pretoria Law Faculty

The Faculty of Law strives to be an internationally recognized leader in socially relevant legal research and education in South Africa and the world. In pursuing its vision, the Faculty’s mission is the creation and sustenance of a research and education environment that is grounded in the values of social justice and excellence. They have the necessary systems in place to ensure that you have the support to help you graduate on time.
The Faculty currently ranks 90 under the top 100 universities globally, as well as the best in Africa, and delivered a record number of 35 doctoral degrees and 179 master’s degrees in 2017. It currently employs 70 dedicated full-time academics, of which approximately two-thirds have doctoral degrees in various fields of law, enabling it to prepare its student community for various law-related career opportunities.
Seen from one perspective, the Faculty of Law consists of staff, students, and the building. It is, however, also much more than that: It represents an idea, namely the idea of a society governed by the rule of law and not by individuals. The Faculty pursues this idea by focusing on the law and excellence in all divisions of jurisprudence. It is also pursued by focusing on jurists and by preparing its students to become leaders of their communities where they can promote the law and its principles effectively.
University Of Pretoria Law Faculty Programs
Undergraduate LLB program

Obtain your LLB degree from the highest-ranking Law Faculty in Africa. Please take note that the University of Pretoria’s LLB undergraduate program is only offered on a full-time, (virtual) attendance basis. It is not available as an evening or correspondence program. Also take notice that the BCom Law program is run by the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, whereas the BA Law program is handled by the Faculty of Humanities.
Questions about these two degrees should NOT be directed to the Faculty of Law, but rather to the appropriate faculties. UP mercantile law staff

LLM/MPhil and LLD/Ph.D. Postgraduate programs

Upgrade and UPdate with a postgraduate law degree from the highest-ranking Law Faculty in Africa. There are numerous master’s and doctoral postgraduate programs offered by the University of Pretoria’s Faculty of Law. Both domestic and international students can enrol in master’s level (LLM/MPhil) research-based programs and coursework-based specialized programs.

Additionally, they provide full- or part-time doctoral degrees (LLD/Ph.D.). In the area of postgraduate programs, the Faculty of Law is widely regarded as a pioneer. Students can specialize in their chosen disciplines by working with professionals at a high level through the LLM/MPhil and LLD/Ph.D. programs offered by the Faculty. A postgraduate degree in law offers prospects for both professional and personal development, as well as a competitive edge in terms of employment and promotion.

Pretoria University Law Press (PULP)

The Pretoria University Law Press (PULP) is an independent, non-profit press based at the Faculty of Law in the Centre for Human Rights (CHR). PULP expands access to cutting-edge, excellent, and peer-reviewed publications with an emphasis on public international law and other areas of human rights, particularly in Africa. PULP has so far released more than 130 novels.

The African Human Rights Law Reports, Pretoria Student Law Review, Botswana Law Journal, the first open-access law journal of the Faculty of Law De Jure, the African Disability Rights Yearbook, and the African Human Rights Law Journal are among the six law journals it also publishes. The last two are both open-access online journals.

UP Law Clinic

The University of Pretoria Law Clinic is a legally recognized legal aid clinic under the requirements of the Legal Practice Act, 28 of 2014 (as amended), and has been formally licensed and accredited as such by the Legal Practice Council. It is a part of the Faculty of Law (formerly the Law Society of the Northern Provinces). The University of Pretoria Law Clinic, founded in 1980, offers outstanding clinical legal education to final-year law students and free, high-quality legal assistance to the poor.

The University of Pretoria Law Clinic is run as an independent professional Attorneys’ practice where final-year LLB students, Candidate Attorneys, and Junior Legal Practitioners are offered a unique opportunity to practice law whilst being mentored by experienced University of Pretoria Law Clinic Attorneys. The main office is situated in Hatfield and there is another office in Hammanskraal.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities (with at least an LLB degree and preferably after admission as an attorney or advocate)

  • Officers of the court, such as attorneys, advocates, court orderlies, National Prosecuting Authority, public prosecutors, and state advocates
  • Judiciary and administrative officers
  • Department of Justice and Constitutional Development
  • Legal academics
  • Law Reform Commission
  • NGO’s
  • Legal advisers
  • South African Police Service
  • Correctional Services
  • Legal Aid and Advice
University Of Pretoria Law Faculty Admission Requirements

A transferring student will be considered for admission based on;

  • an NSC or equivalent qualification with exemption to bachelor’s or diploma studies (whichever is applicable); and meeting the minimum faculty-specific subject requirements at NSC or tertiary level, or having completed a higher certificate at a tertiary institution with faculty-specific subjects/modules passed (equal to or more than 50%), as well as complying with faculty rules on admission;
  • previous academic performance (must have passed all modules registered for up to the closing date of application ) or as per faculty regulation/promotion requirements;
  • a certificate of good conduct.
Note: Students who have been dismissed from the previous institution due to poor academic performance, will not be considered for admission to UP.
Apply now by clicking on the link to the application form

Returning students

A returning student is a student who, at the time of application for a degree program

  • Is a registered student at UP, and wants to transfer to another degree at UP, or was previously registered at UP and did not complete the program enrolled for, and did not enrol at another tertiary institution in the meantime (including students who applied for leave of absence), or has completed studies at UP, but is not currently enrolled or was not enrolled at another tertiary institution after graduation.
A returning student will be considered for admission based on
  • an NSC or equivalent qualification with exemption to bachelor’s or diploma studies (whichever is applicable); and meeting the minimum faculty-specific subject requirements at NSC or tertiary level; or previous academic performance (should have a cumulative weighted average of at least 50% for the program enrolled for);
  • having applied for and was granted a leave of absence.
Note: Students who have been excluded/dismissed from a faculty due to poor academic performance may be considered for admission to another program at UP.  The Admissions Committee may consider such students if they were not dismissed more than twice. Only ONE transfer between UP faculties will be allowed, and a maximum of two (2) transfers within a faculty.

READ: UP Registration Dates 2024-2025

Contact UP

Physical Address

Faculty of Education
Leyds Street South

Postal Address

Faculty of Education
University of Pretoria
Groenkloof Campus

Contact Details

+27 12 420 5644
For more information, visit the official website of the University of Pretoria. Hope the provided information is helpful, share your thoughts below in the comment section.


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