UNISA Application Dates For 2024-2025

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UNISA Application Dates For 2024-2025

UNISA Application Dates For 2024-2025

The UNISA Application Dates are defined as the day on which an authorized employee completes, signs, and dates an application on behalf of students, or the date on which the university receives a signed and dated application from a student’s parent or a person. The application may be filed by the applicant, the applicant’s authorized representative, or a responsible person acting on behalf of the applicant if the applicant is incompetent or disabled.

All admissions applications must be sent in during the designated application period. Under the terms of the Unisa-TVET agreement, applicants who intend to enrol in classes at a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college may submit their applications online through Unisa or through the appropriate TVET institution.

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Who must apply?

  • Everyone wanting to start a new qualification must apply for admission. This includes first-time Unisa applicants and Unisa students changing to a new qualification and/or specialization.
  • If you are completing a higher certificate, you must apply for admission if you want to continue with further undergraduate studies.
  • You must re-apply for admission if you previously applied for admission and were offered a space, but did not accept the offer and/or did not register for any reason.
  • Everyone planning to enroll for classes at a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college under the Unisa-TVET agreement must apply for admission.

What does the selection process entail?

  • The calculation of your individual points score, which includes your final Grade 12 grades as well as other significant characteristics like the school you attended, your gender, socioeconomic status, race, and so forth, is at the center of the selection process.
  • Please confirm that you meet the legal and college-specific admission requirements as well as the necessary academic points score (APS) for your desired qualification before submitting an application (s). The required APS score varies according to the college and the certification. For information about each qualification’s admission requirements, kindly contact
  • It is important to note that you will not automatically be accepted to study through Unisa in 2024. Students will be accommodated on the basis of the number of spaces available for each qualification.
  • It’s crucial to understand that you won’t be admitted to study through Unisa in 2024 automatically. According to the number of spots available for each qualification, students will be admitted.

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Application process

  • You may apply for a maximum of two qualifications, ranked in order of preference (although you may only register for one should both of your qualifications be successful).
  • Unisa will inform you of the outcome of your application. If successful, Unisa will indicate for which qualification you have been accepted and will offer you a space for the period for which you have applied (eg semester 1).
  • You must accept or decline Unisa’s offer within the prescribed period of time. If you miss this deadline, Unisa will withdraw the offer and give your space to another applicant.
  • First-time applicants to Unisa will be required to complete the First-Year Experience MOOC (massive open online course) before being able to accept Unisa’s offer.
  • You may only accept one offer. This means that when you accept an offer for one qualification (irrespective of whether it is your first or second qualification of choice), the other offer will automatically fall away.
  • If you accept Unisa’s offer, you must register for the period for which you have been granted admission. Should you not register for the relevant semester of study, you will need to re-apply for admission during the next application period.

Contact the details below to visit the UNISA website for 2024-2025 academic dates

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General resources: websites, and general SMS, fax, and e-mail inquiries

A number of administrative processes, including the convenience of fee payments and information about examinations, are available on the following platforms:

  • All application, registration and study-related information are available on the Unisa corporate website in both web and mobile formats.
  • The myUnisa website.
  •  Fax enquiries to 012 429 4150

Student Admissions and Registrations
Type of enquiry                E-mail
General applications and registration queries     study-info@unisa.ac.za
Postgraduate diplomas and Honours degrees

  • artshons@unisa.ac.za
  • sciencehons@unisa.ac.za
  • econhons@unisa.ac.za
  • eduhons@unisa.ac.za
  • lawhons@unisa.ac.za
  • cashons@unisa.ac.za

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Master’s and doctoral qualifications        mandd@unisa.ac.za
College of Accounting Sciences

College of Economics and Management Science

  • econ@unisa.ac.za
  • College of Education       Undergraduate: educare@unisa.ac.za
  • College of Human Sciences          Undergraduate: chs@unisa.ac.za
  • College of Law   jus@unisa.ac.za
  • College of Science, Engineering & Technology AND College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
  • scientia@unisa.ac.za
  • International students   international@unisa.ac.za
  • Exemptions        adhoccredits@unisa.ac.za
  • Access and matriculation exemption       ame@unisa.ac.za
  • Re-admissions   study-info@unisa.ac.za

Visit The Official Website of UNISA for More Details

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