CPUT Results 2024-2025

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CPUT Results 2024-2025

CPUT Results 2024-2025

A CPUT exam is a formal examination that you take to demonstrate your knowledge or skill in a specific area or to earn a certification. The outcome of the examination you took is what we term the CPUT results in 2024-2025. CPUT Results are made available on the official portal of the institution to make it accessible to students, the academic board and parents. With the use of your student Number and Passport number/ ID Number, your can view your results.

The student portal is made up of past and recent results of students including Assessment marks and a review of your fee account etc.

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How Do You View The CPUT Results 2024-2025

  • Visit the official website of the college
  • Click on https://www.cput.ac.za/dev/studentcentre-no-cas/exams/
  • You will be redirected to another page
  • Input your student Number and Passport number/ ID Number

View Your Examination Results

Application and Enrolment Related Dates

  • Application dates:

M & D Full Research Studies: 15 March

January enrolment dates:

  • Undergraduate Studies: 7 January – 1 February
  • Undergraduate Studies: First Years: 14 January – 1 February
  • Postgraduate Studies: New Students (Course-based qualifications): 7 January – 1 March
  • Postgraduate Studies: New students: M & D Full Research Studies: 7 January – 31 May
  • Postgraduate Studies: All returning students: 7 January – 1 March.

July enrolment dates: 17 – 19 July

Amendment and Cancellation of subject dates:

  • Additions and cancellations: 21 May
  • Cancellations only: 23 July
  • First Semester subjects: 20 March
  • Second Semester subjects: 30 August
  • September month subjects: 21 May

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Graduation Related Dates

  • Autumn Graduation date: 11, 12 April 2024
  • Cut-off dates for Autumn Graduation:
  • Application for exemptions and recognitions: 25 January
  • Mark changes approved by Senex: 08 February
  • Master’s and Doctoral candidates: 22 February
  • Any changes effected after these dates will stand over to the Summer graduation

Summer Graduation: 09, 10, 11, 12, 13 December 2024

  • Cut-off dates for Summer Graduation:
  • Application for exemptions and recognitions: 30 September
  • Mark changes approved by SENEX: 30 September
  • Master’s and Doctoral candidates: 07 October

How To Access The CPUT Results 2024-2025

Important university dates

  • Africa Day: 25 May
  • Mandela Day: 18 July

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